New Releases coming in 2016

After a long break in my writing schedule, I plan to release the following stories in 2016.

The Last Violin – The identity of a young man who died in 1911, within days of arriving in America, is solved sixty-eight years later by a young woman traveling from England. ( Mystery ) Update: Pre-released, available for download April 15.

The Case Of The Worst-case Scenario – A struggling ex-police detective, trying to make a living as a private detective, takes on a closed case for a widow who believes her husband was murdered. ( MYSTERY )

Bones And Black Pearls – The sequel to Portrait of Conspiracy.( SUSPENSE )

BEACH TIME – A young women attempting to make a life in New York City receives a request for help from a long-lost eccentric aunt everyone in the family assumed was dead. ( A Lillie Lovegarth Romantic Comedy )

Thank you your continued support. Follow me on Facebook, Tweeter, or on my blog for actual release date updates or pre-release announcements.


About jmdavisauthor

Author of mystery/ suspense novels, Novellas, and short stories.
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3 Responses to New Releases coming in 2016

  1. Lora Mitchell says:

    Looking forward to reading these new stories, Jim. Especially, The Last Violin.

  2. Lora Mitchell says:

    Hi Jim ~ Looking forward to reading these new stories.  Especially, The Last Violin. Lora

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