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Jim Davis is the author of Portrait of Conspiracy, Tough As They Come, A Woman To Die For, Murder and Mayham, The Ghost of Leonard Korn, The Durley Incident, No Tears For Jack,  The Storekeeper, The Last Violin, and Love, Carrots, and What’s His Name under the name of Lillie Lovegarth. Over a period of two decades, he traveled to over twenty foreign countries.

In 1988, he thought he’d found Elvis alive on the Island of Tortola. Awakened from a dream, he learned an Elvis Impersonator had begun singing in the bar located directly beneath his second floor room.

Jim grew up in a house built in 1900 located in a small southern town. The family home was located on a gravel road that ran parallel to railroad tracks. Each time a train passed, the house shook, windows rattled, and their dog, Pug howled, but he could not recall a single time he was awakened by a train.

In the early nineties, he made the first cellular telephone call in the country of Russia. On one of his trips to Russia, he left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building around 5:30 one evening. Once outside the building, two men, dressed in black suits, grabbed him and forced him into a waiting car. He was driven to one of the Stalin era apartment buildings and escorted to a large apartment. Lev, who ran a top-secret radar facility greeted him at the door. Lev wanted him to come for dinner that evening and thought that was the most efficient way to get him there. When Jim told him his method of inviting people to dinner was a little unsettling, Lev said, “It is hard to change the old ways.”

In 1998, he found relatives in Sweden he didn’t know he had.

Jim lives with his wife in the Boston Mountains. He writes mystery/suspense novels, novellas, and short stories.


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  1. Nina says:

    I also write short stories Jim….:)

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