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Novelettes / Novellas/ Novels

THE CASE OF THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO: An ex-police detective, who was kicked off the force, investigates a closed case for a widow who believes her husband’s apparent suicide was staged to coverup a homicide. Struggling to make a living as a private investigator, Jack Farber is forced to enlist the help of Maggie Darnell, his ex-partner on the police force, who was instrumental in Jack loosing his job with the department.

The two had worked together for years, until a misunderstanding resulted in Jack’s dismissal. Previously unaware of her role in getting  Jack fired, Maggie puts her own career at risk to help him, after he is nearly killed by the target of his investigation.

BEACH TIME: A young women, after failing at her attempt to make a life in New York City, receives a request for help from a long-lost eccentric aunt who supposedly died in South America twenty years earlier. The aunt who has lost her hearing, is traveling in Europe, and can only communicate by text messaging on her phone.

Out of a job, being evicted from her apartment, and in financial ruin, why not do what her aunt request of her. ( A Lillie Lovegarth Romantic Comedy )

YAKOV’S JOURNAL: A dead Russian Scientist’s journal may hold the key to saving the world.


BONES AND BLACK PEARLS: This mystery/suspense novel is the sequel to Portrait of Conspiracy.

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