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This week is Read an eBook week at Smashwords. All nine of my books are free this week.



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Love, Carrots, and What’s His Name

To spice up his non-sellable prose, a wannabe romance writer, Jack LaBloom, enlists the help of an unusual critique group: a struggling young couple seeking marital advice, an elderly psychic who predicts doom and gloom, and a retired bank robber who needs help to recover his hidden loot. After Jack becomes entangled in attempts to solve their problems, will his quirky neighbors end up helping him become a better romance writer, or will Jack be forced to accept the truth?


Available from all major eBook retailers.

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Cover Reveal For My Next Release


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New Releases coming in 2016

After a long break in my writing schedule, I plan to release the following stories in 2016.

The Last Violin – The identity of a young man who died in 1911, within days of arriving in America, is solved sixty-eight years later by a young woman traveling from England. ( Mystery ) Update: Pre-released, available for download April 15.

The Case Of The Worst-case Scenario – A struggling ex-police detective, trying to make a living as a private detective, takes on a closed case for a widow who believes her husband was murdered. ( MYSTERY )

Bones And Black Pearls – The sequel to Portrait of Conspiracy.( SUSPENSE )

BEACH TIME – A young women attempting to make a life in New York City receives a request for help from a long-lost eccentric aunt everyone in the family assumed was dead. ( A Lillie Lovegarth Romantic Comedy )

Thank you your continued support. Follow me on Facebook, Tweeter, or on my blog for actual release date updates or pre-release announcements.

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Smashwords July Summer Sale

All of my short stories are free during the month of July, 2015. Use code SW100

Click HERE to find all of my stories.

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March 1st through March 7th is read an eBook week


You can download all of my eBooks for #FREE this week.

Click here to download PORTRAIT OF CONSPIRACY or any of my other stories. Use promotion code RW100 to get 100% off the purchase price. I appreciate your support.

Portrait of Conspiracy

Philip Lewellan discovers a mysterious painting. He’s sure it’s proof his missing wife is alive … and may be living somewhere with a child, his daughter. The thought of being a father is more than enough to get Philip to turn to the one person who might believe him.

Sandra Copeland, the original detective assigned to the missing-persons case, chased far too many bogus leads, after Philip—against her advice—offered a million dollar reward. Legitimate private investigators quit taking Philip’s money. Nothing could be found, or any evidence to indicate Renée might be alive. Copeland is not about to reopen an inactive seven-year-old missing-persons case based on what could only be another bogus lead. That is, until she sees a photo of the oil painting Philip has found in a New York art gallery. Their investigation unearths a staggering conspiracy impossible to believe, or to ignore.

Not just another missing wife story, this gripping tale mixes elements of mystery, romance, and danger, bringing a thrilling new twist to an old tale of greed and vice.

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Tough as they come Tuesday burn image

A young man learns his mother did not die twenty years earlier as he had been led to believe. A story of redemption, heroism, and a bit of luck.

Billy’s mother gives him a hug, a pack of Juicy Fruit Gum, and a sealed envelope to give to the nice Chinese lady, who will take care of him, while Billy’s mother is away for two weeks. Seeing tears begin to form in her son’s eyes, his mother tells him tough guys don’t cry. She then climbs into an eighteen wheeler and starts the engine.

At the age of eight, Billy is tough as they come and waves at his mother’s image in the driver’s side rear-view mirror, until she drives out of sight. Over the course of four weeks, Billy remains tough and doesn’t cry, but one night before bedtime, Billy asks the Chinese lady when his mother will return for him. The Chinese lady removes the note from the envelope and shows it to him. Billy, no longer able to be a tough guy, cries throughout the night.

Twenty years later, Billy, going under the name of Bart Bengo, is on trial for a murder he did not commit. All of the evidence points to Bengo, and his defense attorney offers little hope Bart will walk out of the courtroom a free man. In what appears to be an unwinnable hand of injustice, the judge calls for closing statements. Bart has no choice but to play his last card. The outcome of the trial is going to take a drastic turn, but the search for truth and justice has just begun.

A short story, approximately 8000 words.
Excerpts included after end of story.

Purchase a copy from Smashwords, B&N, iBookstores

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