New Title and New Cover Art for my Romantic Comedy

No Tears for Jack Final

In this quirky romantic comedy, an elderly psychic, who has been missing for over thirty years, returns to help a bachelor who has everything a man could want, except love, family, and friends.

Jack Lamont, the co-anchor of a regional television station, is told to get a psychic reading for an upcoming broadcast. Not one to play fair, he plans to deceive his boss by claiming to have visited a psychic, reported missing for years.

There is only one problem with Jack’s plan. Zelda’s old trailer, preserved in its original location as the only tourist attraction in a small town over a hundred miles away, holds a huge surprise. Zelda has returned, and she is expecting him. Unfortunately, The Psychic Queen of Cricket Falls, does not have good news for Jack.

The lives of many are about to change, beginning with Jack’s.

Only 99 Cents, available from all major eBook retailers such as Apple iBookstores, Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo Books, and others.




About jmdavisauthor

Author of mystery/ suspense novels, Novellas, and short stories.
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One Response to New Title and New Cover Art for my Romantic Comedy

  1. Hi Jim – Your new Ebook (romantic comedy) sounds intriguing. Ordering it on Amazon Kindle.


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